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Starting a business is tough business.  Running one successfully can be even more challenging.

Do you feel overwhelmed at times with everything it involves?  Maybe you’re living frustrations with staff, cash flow or even systems you are trying to implement.  

Don’t go at it alone.

Surround yourself with people who can help you on your entrepreneurial path.

David has been up that path with success. His small business, Solpak, is autonomous and allows him to now focus on helping small business owners take the right path to growth, get the right tools so they can serve their clients and truly enjoy their business.

His method, the Sherpa Method, is what allowed him to keep a clear mind and organise his business to gain traction, inspire his people and build a very efficient and well oiled machine.


David Salerno is the founder and CEO of Solpak inc, a meal-packaging and transport solutions company.  He founded Solpak when he saw an opportunity to serve a very niche market in a new and innovative way, by bundling distribution, servicing and advising to food service organisations.  

Solpak is a now a growing self-managed multimillion dollar small business. He also is heading the startup of Thermogo, an innovative suite of multi temperature controlled trucks and accessories.

He also helps motivated but overwhelmed entrepreneurs gain clarity and better equipped so they can build a self managed business they truly enjoy with freedom,.

He created the Small Business Sherpa Method, which helps business owners implement the strategies and tools to set their business on autopilot.

Discover David's Path



Grow to fuel your business's autonomy: Storify your business, attract the right prospects and convert them through mutual exploration of challenges and solutions.


Sustain to ensure your business thrives, even in your absence: Figure out your key numbers, set up the right systems and coach your people.



Serve to satisfy your clients and employees: Deliver on your promise, nurture with care your clients & your team players and expand with intent.


"David has taken Solpak to the the next stage of development and beyond, managing the growth of the company and establishing a firm and stable base. He has surrounded himself with a strong team and put in place the systems to manage operations, and to accelerate growth. David has also made astute choices in choosing team members that not only share his values but also his work ethic. It is not by chance that Solpak continues to overcome all of the usual challenges of the marketplace and see constant and strong growth. "

Richard Paradis
Advisor Products and Solutions, Solpak

"Solpak is a small company that is committed to growth and success through development of innovative ideas. Great customer experience is key and we live it on a daily basis in our core values and team spirit. Having worked in other small businesses, I find we distinguish ourselves by having at our disposal all of the tools required to accomplish our work including training, high level marketing software and CRM, coaching, mentoring and much more. Our leader is present enough to coach us and help us navigate through bigger challenges on any level but distant enough so that we feel not only responsible but certainly accountable towards our goals and commitments. In short, I am proud and happy to be part of the Solpak team, and I do believe this transpires at work. This feeling is of great value for my happiness at work. "

Véronique Famelart
Advisor Products and Solutions, Solpak

"I met David 4 years ago, a few years after he started Solpak and already, he had great ambitions and a clear vision for his business. David knew that rapid sales growth is challenging for any SME, including staffing and financial considerations. One of David’s strengths is to “structure” his business. He was able to surround himself with key partners that believed in him and from whom he was willing to accept strategic advice. David was able to listen with an open mind; a characteristic of a great leader. His journey could benefit other entrepreneurs and is definitely worth sharing. "

Ariane Samson
Consulting Partner, Banque de développement du Canada

"I’ve been Serving Solpak for seven years. At Solpak, the friendly atmosphere reigns, as much between teammates as with our customers. Our weekly operational meetings allow us to follow our projects and issues closely. As well as with well developed processes, which allows us to ensure stability in the team and fast service to our customers. Not to mention the flexibility of working hours, an undeniable advantage of our day. "

Jacques Dery
Service Technician, Solpak

"Oliver has enjoyed a terrific partnership with the Solpak team for more than 10 years. Their focus on brand equity, versatility and high customer service has propelled them to one of our top 5 customers. David Salerno’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership is evident throughout the business, which has driven a powerful culture to succeed. Congratulations on 10 years of positive impact and successful growth – We at Oliver look forward to continuing our partnership with Solpak for many years into the future. "

Chadd L. Floria
President - Food Packaging, Oliver Packaging & Equipment Company

Free download of David’s “9 Key Essentials to running a successful Small Business”:
Discover the 3 Core Goals of a self-managed business so you can FREE yourself from its day-to-day operations.


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